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Rockabilly : le top 100 des artistes

  1. Stray Cats1
    Stray Cats
  2. Eddie Cochran2
    Eddie Cochran
  3. Carl Perkins3
    Carl Perkins
  4. Elvis Presley4
    Elvis Presley
  5. Gene Vincent5
    Gene Vincent
  6. Buddy Holly6
    Buddy Holly
  7. Imelda May7
    Imelda May
  8. Johnny Cash8
    Johnny Cash
  9. The Baseballs9
    The Baseballs
  10. Wanda Jackson10
    Wanda Jackson
  11. Billy Lee Riley11
    Billy Lee Riley
  12. The Living End12
    The Living End
  13. Warren Smith13
    Warren Smith
  14. Johnny Burnette14
    Johnny Burnette
  15. Bill Haley and His Comets15
    Bill Haley and His Comets
  16. Jerry Lee Lewis16
    Jerry Lee Lewis
  17. Josiane Balasko17
    Josiane Balasko
  18. The Cramps18
    The Cramps
  19. Roy Orbison19
    Roy Orbison
  20. Ricky Nelson20
    Ricky Nelson
  21. George Jones21
    George Jones
  22. The Teen Kings22
    The Teen Kings
  23. Chris Isaak23
    Chris Isaak
  24. Guana Batz24
    Guana Batz
  25. Marty Robbins25
    Marty Robbins
  26. Conway Twitty26
    Conway Twitty
  27. Bill Haley27
    Bill Haley
  28. The Krewmen28
    The Krewmen
  29. Patsy Cline29
    Patsy Cline
  30. Batmobile30
  31. The Honeydrippers31
    The Honeydrippers
  32. The Meteors32
    The Meteors
  33. The Crickets33
    The Crickets
  34. The Little Green Men34
    The Little Green Men
  35. The Clash35
    The Clash
  36. Charlie Rich36
    Charlie Rich
  37. The Big Bopper37
    The Big Bopper
  38. The Tennessee Three38
    The Tennessee Three
  39. Duane Eddy39
    Duane Eddy
  40. Arielle Dombasle40
    Arielle Dombasle
  41. Lena41
  42. The Everly Brothers42
    The Everly Brothers
  43. Les Forbans43
    Les Forbans
  44. Volbeat44
  45. The Champs45
    The Champs
  46. Brenda Lee46
    Brenda Lee
  47. Morrissey47
  48. Demented Are Go!48
    Demented Are Go!
  49. Chuck Berry49
    Chuck Berry
  50. Bobby Helms50
    Bobby Helms
  51. The BossHoss51
    The BossHoss
  52. Washington Dead Cats52
    Washington Dead Cats
  53. La Souris déglinguée53
    La Souris déglinguée
  54. Wiz Khalifa54
    Wiz Khalifa
  55. Billy Fury55
    Billy Fury
  56. Vince Taylor56
    Vince Taylor
  57. Jools Holland57
    Jools Holland
  58. Juicy J58
    Juicy J
  59. Les Wampas59
    Les Wampas
  60. Liz Brady60
    Liz Brady
  61. Sha Na Na61
    Sha Na Na
  62. Stephen Sondheim62
    Stephen Sondheim
  63. Alan Jackson63
    Alan Jackson
  64. David Essex64
    David Essex
  65. Buck Owens65
    Buck Owens
  66. Waylon Jennings66
    Waylon Jennings
  67. Fred Neil67
    Fred Neil
  68. The Ventures68
    The Ventures
  69. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins69
    Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
  70. Cliff Richard70
    Cliff Richard
  71. Ty Dolla $ign71
    Ty Dolla $ign
  72. Marty Wilde72
    Marty Wilde
  73. Pretenders73
  74. Bobby Bare74
    Bobby Bare
  75. The Spotnicks75
    The Spotnicks
  76. Little Richard76
    Little Richard
  77. Dick Rivers77
    Dick Rivers
  78. Peter Kraus78
    Peter Kraus
  79. Bo Diddley79
    Bo Diddley
  80. Alan Vega80
    Alan Vega
  81. Shakin’ Stevens81
    Shakin’ Stevens
  82. Dave Edmunds82
    Dave Edmunds
  83. Jimmie Rodgers83
    Jimmie Rodgers
  84. Ben Folds Five84
    Ben Folds Five
  85. Lynn Anderson85
    Lynn Anderson
  86. Doc Watson86
    Doc Watson
  87. Adriano Celentano87
    Adriano Celentano
  88. Firebird88
  89. Creedence Clearwater Revival89
    Creedence Clearwater Revival
  90. June Carter Cash90
    June Carter Cash
  91. Alain Bashung91
    Alain Bashung
  92. Alabama Shakes92
    Alabama Shakes
  93. Jefferson Airplane93
    Jefferson Airplane
  94. The Lords of Altamont94
    The Lords of Altamont
  95. Roberto Carlos95
    Roberto Carlos
  96. Kill the Noise96
    Kill the Noise
  97. James Cotton97
    James Cotton
  98. Patrick Coutin98
    Patrick Coutin
  99. Joe Strummer99
    Joe Strummer
  100. Pat Travers100
    Pat Travers