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  1. Fuck You
  2. Don't Give A Damn
  3. The Sound Of Silence
  4. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  5. Mississippi Queen
  6. The Letter
  7. Blowin' In The Wind
  8. I'd Love To Change The World
  9. Hey Hey, My My
  10. Wish You Were Here
  11. Forget You
  12. She's Not There
  13. We Can Never Die
  14. Everybody Loves You When You're Dead (2010 Mix)
  15. Better Off Alone (2010 Mix)
  16. The Art Of Telling Lies (2010 Mix)
  17. We Can Never Die (Long Play)
  18. Better Off Alone 2010 Mix (Radio Edit)
  19. Josephine
  20. Hey Now

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