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  1. I Might Do Something Wrong (Osunlade Lonely Mix)
  2. Home To You (Chuck Love Remix)
  3. Hot For Your Love Tonight
  4. Dirty
  5. All You Have To Do
  6. Last Time We Make Love
  7. I Don't Need Your Love Tonight
  8. Girl (Take A Break Backstage)
  9. Can't Keep Rhythm From A Dancer
  10. Take Me To Your House
  11. I Know What's On Your Mind
  12. You Found A Way (Fred Everything Remix)
  13. Enjoy It Now (Ethan White Remix)
  14. You Will Be Mine
  15. I Know What's On Your Mind (Ethan White Remix)
  16. I Might Do Something Wrong (Yoruba Main Mix)
  17. Why (Dj Spinna Remix)
  18. Another Lover (Dimitri From Paris 80'S Throwback Remix)
  19. In My Fantasy (Jask's Thaisoul Temptation Mix)
  20. Dirty (Makoto 4X4 Remix)

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