Tom Novy n°323 Allemagne
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  1. Superstar (Radio Edit)
  2. I Rock
  3. Now Or Never
  4. Superstar (Club Mix 1)
  5. My House
  6. Music Is Wonderful
  7. Superstar (Vocal Club Mix)
  8. Sweety
  9. Transformation (Club Mix)
  10. Take It (Radio Edit)
  11. Lovin' You
  12. Unexpected (Radio Edit)
  13. Back To The Streets (K.c. Smooth Full Vocal Remix)
  14. Back To The Streets (Full Vox Club Mix)
  15. Unexpected (Paul Harris Dub Mix)
  16. Back To The Streets (Radio Edit)
  17. Runaway (Radio Edit)
  18. Welcome To The Race
  19. Superstar
  20. The Odyssey

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