These Immortal Souls n°145 Australie
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  1. Marry Me (Lie! Lie!)
  2. Up On The Roof
  3. My One-Eyed Daughter (Live In Las Vegas)
  4. Bad
  5. The King Of Kalifornia
  6. Black Milk
  7. Open Up And Bleed
  8. Crowned
  9. All The Money's Gone
  10. Insomnicide
  11. So The Story Goes
  12. Hyperspace
  13. Shamed
  14. Hide
  15. These Immortal Souls (Alt.)
  16. I Ate The Knife (Alt.)
  17. "Blood And Sand", She Said (Alt.)
  18. Open Up & Bleed
  19. One In Shadow, One In Sun
  20. "Blood And Sand" She Said

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