Royal Philharmonic Orchestra n°40 Royaume-Uni En tournée
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  1. We Are The Champions
  2. Bohemian Rhapsody
  3. Jerusalem
  4. Killer Queen
  5. 1812 Overture
  6. Flash
  7. A Night At The Opera
  8. If You Knew Sousa (And Friends)
  9. Tales Of The Vienna Waltz
  10. Symphony No. 2 In E Minor, Op. 27: Iii. Adagio
  11. Journey Through The Classics
  12. Every Breath You Take
  13. A Groovy Kind Of Love
  14. Unchained Melody
  15. A Song Before Sunrise
  16. Chariots Of Fire
  17. Another Brick In The Wall
  18. Everybody Hurts
  19. Just Pretend
  20. Take My Breath Away

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