The Most Serene Republic

n°241 Canada
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  1. Bubble Reputation
  2. Heavens To Purgatory
  3. Vessels Of A Donor Look
  4. Phi
  5. The Old Forever New Things
  6. All Of One Is The Other
  7. Patternicity
  8. Four Humours
  9. Catharsis Boo
  10. Don't Hold Back, Feel A Little Longer
  11. No One Likes A Nihilist
  12. Prologue
  13. Content Was Always My Favorite Colour
  14. (Oh) God
  15. The Protagonist Suddenly Realizes What He Must Do In The Middle Of Downtown Traffic
  16. Proposition 61
  17. Where Cedar Nouns And Adverbs Walk
  18. In Places, Empty Spaces
  19. Relative's Eyes
  20. King Of No One

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