The Crystalline Effect n°159 Australie
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  1. When The World Ends
  2. One Time In Life
  3. Nothing Warms This Room
  4. Vampyric Touch
  5. Do Not Open (The Synthetic Dream Foundation Remix)
  6. Broken
  7. Core Reaction
  8. As Long As You Need
  9. How I Get Out (Fractured Remix)
  10. Broken (Studio-X Remix)
  11. No Longer Evolving (Soman Remix)
  12. Blue Sea (Dave Foreman Remix)
  13. How I Get Out (Cellmod Remix)
  14. Anechoic Lock
  15. No Longer Evolving
  16. Ada Makes The Machines Sing (Extended Instrumental)
  17. Another Rainy Day (Remix)
  18. Nothing Warms This Room (Tazman Module Remix By Impact Pulse)
  19. Only You Can See You (Remix)
  20. Jagged Edges

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