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Goldman Demo 2004, playlist de 3 pistes

Goldman Demo 2004
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    1. 1 Écouter Ajouter The Company, The Comfort, The Grave 2:20 
    2. 2 Écouter Ajouter Dialogue, With A Question Mark 2:23 
    3. 3 Écouter Ajouter And Then... Came Then 4:50 

Goldman Demo 2004 n'est pas une œuvre officielle de The Chariot. Il se peut que certaines chansons à écouter soient erronnées ou totalement indisponible en écoute.

Pochette Goldman Demo 2004
© The Chariot


  • Artiste : The Chariot
  • Durée (hors bonus) : 9:33
  • Type : Maxi
  • 1ère sortie :
  • Région : États-Unis
  • Statut : Version alternative
  • Label : Non Communiqué
  • Langue principale : anglais
The Chariot n°2253 États-Unis
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  1. The Company, The Comfort, The Grave
  2. Before There Was Atlanta, There Was Douglasville
  3. Someday, In The Event That Mankind Actually Figures Out What It Is That This World Revolves Around, Thousands Of People Are Going To Be Shocked And Perplexed To Find Out That It Was Not Them. Sometimes This Includes Me.
  4. Dialogue With A Question Mark
  5. Die Interviewer (I Am Only Speaking In German)
  6. And Then, Came Then
  7. The Bullet Never Lies, And Time Will Prove All Things. (An Allegory Of Unfaithful Jerusalem)
  8. Yellow Dress: Locked Knees
  9. If Wishes Were Horses, More Beggars Would Ride Them
  10. Good Night My Lady, And A Forever Farewell
  11. Back To Back
  12. They Faced Each Other
  13. They Drew Their Swords
  14. And Shot Each Other
  15. The Deaf Policeman
  16. Heard This Noise
  17. Then Came To Kill
  18. The Two Dead Boys
  19. Forgive Me Nashville
  20. The Trumpet