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  1. The Company, The Comfort, The Grave
  2. Before There Was Atlanta, There Was Douglasville
  3. The Two Dead Boys
  4. Someday, In The Event That Mankind Actually Figures Out What It Is That This World Revolves Around, Thousands Of People Are Going To Be Shocked And Perplexed To Find Out That It Was Not Them. Sometimes This Includes Me.
  5. Mrs. Montgomery Alabama Iii.
  6. Oversea
  7. Daggers
  8. Abandon.
  9. Giveth
  10. Never I
  11. Impress.
  12. Evolve:
  13. Teach:
  14. The Trumpet
  15. Forgive Me Nashville
  16. Need:
  17. Then Came To Kill
  18. If Wishes Were Horses, More Beggars Would Ride Them
  19. Heard This Noise
  20. Die Interviewer (I Am Only Speaking In German)

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