Stick to Your Guns n°1984 États-Unis En tournée
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  1. Compassion Without Compromise
  2. Tear The Walls Down
  3. We Still Believe
  4. We Still Believe (Acoustic)
  5. There Is No I In Team
  6. This Is Where My Heart Lies
  7. This Is More
  8. Nobody
  9. Left You Behind
  10. It Starts With Me
  11. Married To The Noise
  12. The Sun, The Moon, The Truth: “Penance Of Self”
  13. 3 Feet From Peace
  14. Nothing You Can Do (Acoustic)
  15. The Crown (Acoustic)
  16. Every Second
  17. The War Inside
  18. Rma (Revolutionary Mental Attitude)
  19. Disobedient
  20. I Choose No One

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