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  1. Four Organs
  2. Piano Phase
  3. Music For Mallet Instruments, Voices And Organ
  4. Music For Pieces Of Wood
  5. Six Pianos
  6. Music For 18 Musicians: Pulses
  7. Different Trains: Iii. After The War
  8. Violin Phase
  9. The Four Sections: Ii. Percussion
  10. Electric Counterpoint: Ii. Slow
  11. Electric Counterpoint: I. Fast
  12. The Four Sections: Iii. Winds And Brass (With Strings)
  13. Different Trains: I. America - Before The War
  14. The Four Sections: Iv. Full Orchestra
  15. Eight Lines
  16. Clapping Music
  17. Electric Counterpoint: Iii. Fast
  18. Different Trains: Ii. Europe - During The War
  19. Octet
  20. The Desert Music: V. Fast

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