SoKo n°230 France
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  1. People Always Look Better In The Sun
  2. I Thought I Was An Alien
  3. Who Wears The Pants??
  4. Ocean Of Tears
  5. Are You A Magician?
  6. First Love Never Die
  7. Being Sad Is Not A Crime
  8. Diabolo Menthe
  9. Time Waits For No One
  10. Blasphémie
  11. Looking For Love
  12. Oh, To Be A Rainbow!
  13. Quiet Storm
  14. Don't Tell Me To Smile
  15. Replaceable Heads
  16. Let Me Adore You
  17. Now What?
  18. Take My Heart
  19. I'll Kill Her
  20. Hurt Me With Your Ego

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