Set Fire to Flames n°304 Canada
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  1. ‘I Will Be True…' (From Lips Of Lying Dying Wonder Body #1) / Reign Rebuilder [Head]
  2. Vienna Arcweld / Fucked Gamelan / Rigid Tracking
  3. Steal Compass / Drive North / Disappear
  4. Wild Dogs Of The Thunderbolt / ‘They Cannot Lock Me Up… I Am Eternally Free…' (From Lips Of Lying Dying Wonder Body #2)
  5. Omaha
  6. There Is No Dance In Frequency And Balance
  7. Côte D'abrahams Roomtone / ‘What's Going On?…' (From Lips Of Lying Dying Wonder Body #3)
  8. Love Song For 15 Ontario (W/ Singing Police Car)
  9. Injur: Gutted Two‐Track
  10. When I First Get To Phoenix
  11. Shit‐Heap‐Gloria Of The New Town Planning
  12. Jesus / Pop
  13. Esquimalt Harbour
  14. Two Tears In A Bucket
  15. Fading Lights Are Fading… / Reign Rebuilder [Tail Out]
  16. Déja, Comme Des Trous De Vent, Comme Reproduit
  17. Small Steps Against Inertia / Echo Of A Dead End
  18. Measure De Mesure
  19. Holy Throat Hiss Tracts To The Sedative‐Hypnotic
  20. When Sorrow Shoots Her Darts

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