Scouting for Girls

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  1. She's So Lovely
  2. Elvis Ain't Dead
  3. It's Not About You
  4. Heartbeat
  5. Famous
  6. This Ain't A Love Song
  7. Keep On Walking
  8. I Wish I Was James Bond
  9. The Airplane Song
  10. I Need A Holiday
  11. The Mountains Of Navaho
  12. A New Day
  13. Love How It Hurts
  14. Don't Want To Leave You
  15. Posh Girls
  16. Millionaire
  17. Little Miss Naughty
  18. Goodtime Girl
  19. On The Radio
  20. Blue As Your Eyes

Discographie de Scouting for Girls

18 singles

  1. Pochette Glow
    Glow22 Septembre 2023
  2. Pochette The Missing Part
    The Missing Part30 Juin 2023
  3. Pochette The Place We Used to Meet
    The Place We Used to Meet21 Avril 2023
  4. Pochette Don’t Wake Me Up
    Don’t Wake Me Up17 Février 2023
  5. Pochette James Bond (Live at the Trinity)
    James Bond (Live at the Trinity)2 Septembre 2022
  6. Pochette Everybody Wants to Rule the World
    Everybody Wants to Rule the World2021
  7. Pochette Kids at Christmas Pt.2
    Kids at Christmas Pt.24 Décembre 2020
  8. Pochette Millionaire
    Millionaire12 Juillet 2013
  9. Pochette Without You
    Without You2 Novembre 2012
  10. Pochette Summertime In the City
    Summertime In the City26 Août 2012
  11. Pochette Love How It Hurts
    Love How It Hurts8 Juillet 2011
  12. Pochette This Ain't a Love Song
    This Ain't a Love Song26 Mars 2010
  13. Pochette I Wish I Was James Bond
    I Wish I Was James Bond3 Novembre 2008
  14. Pochette It's Not About You
    It's Not About You3 Août 2008
  15. Pochette Heartbeat
    Heartbeat4 Avril 2008
  16. Pochette Elvis Ain't Dead
    Elvis Ain't Dead16 Décembre 2007
  17. Pochette She's So Lovely
    She's So Lovely26 Août 2007
  18. Pochette Let's Not Go Away
    Let's Not Go Away