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  1. Only You
  2. A Love Again
  3. Don't Cry Tonight
  4. Radio
  5. Time
  6. Love Is Death
  7. Celebrate
  8. I'm Loosing You
  9. So Close
  10. I Just Died In Your Arms
  11. Good-Bye (Radio Version)
  12. Tonight
  13. I'm Loosing You (Extended Version)
  14. Turn Around
  15. Computerized Love
  16. Good-Bye (Extended Version)
  17. Don't You Want Me (Radio Version)
  18. Strangelove
  19. So Close (Long Version)
  20. A Love Again (Special Remix)

Discographie de Savage

21 singles

  1. Pochette Lonely Night
    Lonely Night30 Octobre 2020
  2. Pochette Where Is The Freedom
    Where Is The Freedom22 Mai 2020
  3. Pochette Italodisco
    Italodisco2 Mai 2020
  4. Pochette Magic Carillon
    Magic Carillon17 Mai 2019
  5. Pochette And You Are (New Mixes)
    And You Are (New Mixes)15 Juillet 2016
  6. Pochette Only You (30th Anniversary Remix)
    Only You (30th Anniversary Remix)20 Juillet 2014
  7. Pochette Save Me (New Remixes)
    Save Me (New Remixes)Mai 2013
  8. Pochette Twothousandnine
    Twothousandnine6 Octobre 2009
  9. Pochette Swing (feat. Soulja Boy Tell'em)
    Swing (feat. Soulja Boy Tell'em)1er Janvier 2008
  10. Pochette Don’t You Want Me
    Don’t You Want Me1994
  11. Pochette Something And Strangelove
    Something And Strangelove1993
  12. Pochette Don't Leave Me
    Don't Leave Me1990
  13. Pochette Good-Bye
  14. Pochette I’m Loosing You
    I’m Loosing You1988
  15. Pochette The Golden Dance-Floor Hits, Vol. 19
    The Golden Dance-Floor Hits, Vol. 191988
  16. Pochette Love Is Death
    Love Is Death1987
  17. Pochette Celebrate
  18. Pochette Time
  19. Pochette A Love Again (Special Remix) / Fugitive
    A Love Again (Special Remix) / Fugitive1985
  20. Pochette Only You / Turn Around
    Only You / Turn Around1984
  21. Pochette Don’t Cry Tonight
    Don’t Cry Tonight1983