Sacred Spirit n°241 Allemagne
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  1. Culture Clash
  2. On The Road
  3. Legends
  4. The Sun Won't Talk No More
  5. Black Progress
  6. Roots
  7. Babes In The Juke House
  8. Lay Down
  9. Slow And Easy
  10. Intro & Prelude (How The West Was Lost)
  11. Tor‐Cheney‐Nahana (Winter Ceremony)
  12. Ly‐O‐Lay Ale Loya (The Counterclockwise Circle Dance)
  13. Ya‐Na‐Hana (Celebrate Wild Rice)
  14. Dawa (The Cradlesong)
  15. Gitchi‐Manido (Advice For The Young)
  16. Yeha‐Noha (Wishes Of Happiness & Prosperity)
  17. Ta‐Was‐Ne (Elevation)
  18. Heya‐Hee (Intertribal Song To Stop The Rain)
  19. Shamanic Chant No. 5 (Heal The Soul)
  20. Yo‐Hey‐O‐Hee (Brandishing The Tomahawk)

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