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  1. Do It Again
  2. Ice Machine
  3. What Else Is There?
  4. Running To The Sea
  5. Only This Moment
  6. The Drug
  7. The Girl And The Robot
  8. Eple (Bjørn Torske Remix)
  9. This Must Be It
  10. 49 Percent (West London Deep - 1% Deeper Mix)
  11. Beautiful Day Without You (Wighnomy & Robag Whruhmes Spekkfakkel Remikks)
  12. Poor Leno (Röyksopp's Istanbul Forever Take)
  13. So Easy
  14. Monument (The Inevitable End Version)
  15. Happy Up Here
  16. Do It Again (Patrick Pache Remix)
  17. Do It Again (Issac Christopher Remix)
  18. Do It Again (Röyksopp & Robyn Vs. Moby Mix)
  19. Do It Again (Moby Basement Mix)
  20. Do It Again (Moullinex Remix)

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