Rom Di Prisco n°71 Canada
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  1. Good Ending
  2. Pueblucho
  3. Leaderboards (Extended Mix)
  4. Tule Tree
  5. Tule Tree (World Of The Dead)
  6. Sierra Morena
  7. The Mask Of Juan
  8. Bad Ending
  9. Desierto Caliente (World Of The Dead)
  10. Sierra Morena (World Of The Dead)
  11. Great Temple
  12. Great Temple (World Of The Dead)
  13. Troposphere
  14. Final Boss
  15. Caverna Del Pollo (World Of The Dead)
  16. Credits (Good Ending)
  17. Credits (Bad Ending)
  18. The Carlos Calaca Story
  19. Back Story
  20. Leaderboards

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