Rob Dougan n°105 Australie
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  1. Furious Angels
  2. Undone By London
  3. She's Leaving
  4. Open Sore
  5. Miscellaneous
  6. Beautiful Things (Instrumental)
  7. Quasimodo's Dream (Instrumental)
  8. Instrumental
  9. Will You Follow Me?
  10. Furious Angels (Midfield General Mix)
  11. Furious Angels (Clubbed To Death Variation)
  12. Furious Angels (Orchestral Version)
  13. Furious Angels (Rollo's Edit)
  14. Frescobaldi's Toccata (Orchestral Session)
  15. Vale (Ave Atque Vale) (Orchestral Session)
  16. The Return (Orchestral Session)
  17. Furious Angels (Jason Bentley Club Dub)
  18. A Drawing-Down Of Blinds / Valedico (Orchestral Session)
  19. Furious Angels (Rollo's Thousand Volts Mix)
  20. Prelude

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