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  1. Run To You
  2. Why Don't You (Stones Essential Club Mix)
  3. Why Don't You
  4. Why Don't You (12″ Greed Club Mix)
  5. My Cryings Done (Tall Paul Vocal Mix)
  6. My Cryings Done (Moody Guitar Mix)
  7. My Cryings Done (Original 12″ Mix)
  8. My Cryings Done (Original 7″ Mix)
  9. Give It Up (Dragon Fly Dub Mix)
  10. Give It Up (The One World Mix)
  11. Give It Up (Jj's International Mix)
  12. Give It Up (Stones Sub Club Mix)
  13. Give It Up (Original Mix)
  14. Give It Up (The One World 7″ Mix)
  15. Why Don't You (The Pg Tips Dub)
  16. Why Don't You (Instrumental)
  17. Why Don't You (Original Mix)
  18. Run To You (Instrumental)
  19. Ease The Pain (Full)
  20. House Of The Rising Sun (Dub Mix)

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