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  1. Ships Without Meaning
  2. Tales From The Trash Stratum
  3. Nothing's Special
  4. Terminator Lake
  5. Transmat Memories
  6. Hyperdawn
  7. Zones Without People
  8. Memory Vague
  9. Computer Vision
  10. Trance 1
  11. Lovergirls Precinct
  12. A Pact Between Strangers
  13. When I Get Back From New York
  14. I Know It's Taking Pictures From Another Plane (Inside Your Sun)
  15. Love In The Time Of Lexapro
  16. Woe Is The Transgression I
  17. Behind The Bank
  18. Eyeballs
  19. Betrayed In The Octagon
  20. Woe Is The Transgression Ii

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