Oleta Adams n°1694 États-Unis
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  1. Get Here
  2. Rhythm Of Life
  3. Circle Of One
  4. I've Got To Sing My Song
  5. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
  6. I've Got To Sing My Song (Live)
  7. I Knew You When
  8. Window Of Hope
  9. Lover's Holiday
  10. I Just Had To Hear Your Voice
  11. When Love Comes To The Rescue
  12. Life Keeps Moving On
  13. My Heart Won't Lie
  14. Hold Me For A While
  15. Birdland
  16. I've Got A Right
  17. We Will Meet Again
  18. Think Again
  19. Learning To Love You More
  20. No Way To Love Me

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