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  1. Born Of The Flickering
  2. Demons Of The Thorncastle
  3. Felonies Of The Christian Art
  4. …Og Jeg Iakttok Dødsrikets Inntog
  5. The Old Man's Child
  6. Manet Sorgfull Igjennom Skogen
  7. Seeds Of The Ancient Gods
  8. St. Aidens Fall
  9. Life Deprived
  10. The Underworld Domains
  11. In Quest Of Enigmatic Dreams
  12. The Soul Receiver
  13. Swallowed By A Buried One
  14. In Defiance Of Existence
  15. Black Seeds On Virgin Soil
  16. Agony Of Fallen Grace
  17. Sacrifice Of Vengeance
  18. King Of The Dark Ages
  19. Wounds From The Night Of Magic
  20. On Through The Desert Storm

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