Mr. President

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  1. Coco Jamboo
  2. I Give You My Heart
  3. Show Me The Way
  4. Jojo Action
  5. Outro
  6. I Give You My Heart (Extended Edit)
  7. Goodbye, Lonely Heart
  8. Turn It Up!
  9. Love To Love
  10. 4 On The Floor
  11. I Love The Way You Love Me
  12. Gonna Get Along (Without Ya Now)
  13. I'll Follow The Sun
  14. I Give You My Heart (Candy Stations President Mix)
  15. Happy People
  16. Coco Jamboo (Chico Y Chico Tribal Radio Mix)
  17. Coco Jamboo (Candy Club Remix)
  18. Coco Jamboo (Candy Club's Ragga Jump)
  19. Coco Jamboo (Chico Y Chico Tribal Remix)

Discographie de Mr. President

20 singles

  1. Pochette Love, Sex & Sunshine
    Love, Sex & Sunshine3 Février 2003
  2. Pochette Forever & One Day
    Forever & One Day2003
  3. Pochette Up'N Away 2K
    Up'N Away 2KSeptembre 2000
  4. Pochette Give a Little Love
    Give a Little LoveMars 1999
  5. Pochette Simbaleo
  6. Pochette Happy People
    Happy People2 Juin 1998
  7. Pochette Take Me to the Limit
    Take Me to the Limit8 Septembre 1997
  8. Pochette Jojo Action
    Jojo Action9 Juin 1997
  9. Pochette Where Do I Belong
    Where Do I Belong1997
  10. Pochette Show Me the Way
    Show Me the Way1er Novembre 1996
  11. Pochette I Give You My Heart
    I Give You My Heart26 Juillet 1996
  12. Pochette Coco Jamboo: The Remixes
    Coco Jamboo: The Remixes21 Juin 1996
  13. Pochette Coco Jamboo
    Coco Jamboo29 Mars 1996
  14. Pochette Children
  15. Pochette Gonna Get Along (Without Ya Now)
    Gonna Get Along (Without Ya Now)31 Août 1995
  16. Pochette 4 on the Floor
    4 on the Floor9 Mai 1995
  17. Pochette I’ll Follow the Sun
    I’ll Follow the Sun3 Mars 1995
  18. Pochette I'll Follow The Sun (Remixes)
    I'll Follow The Sun (Remixes)1995
  19. Pochette Up 'n Away
    Up 'n Away15 Octobre 1994
  20. Pochette MM