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  1. Never Change Lovers In The Middle Of The Night
  2. All The Way Lover
  3. Loving Arms
  4. Kiss You All Over
  5. The Rap
  6. Ask Me What You Want
  7. Bad Risk
  8. It's Gonna Take Some Time This Time
  9. Summer (The First Time)
  10. It Hurts So Good
  11. If You're Not Back In Love By Monday
  12. A Child Of God (It's Hard To Believe)
  13. My Man, A Sweet Man
  14. An Imitation Of Love
  15. From Her Arms To Mine
  16. You Can't Turn Me Off (In The Middle Of Turning Me On)
  17. I Still Love You (You Still Love Me)
  18. Love Is A Dangerous Game
  19. Special Occasion
  20. How Do You Feel The Morning After

Discographie de Millie Jackson

24 albums studios

  1. Pochette Not for Church Folk!
    Not for Church Folk! 2 octobre 2001
  2. Pochette Caught Up / Still Caught Up
    Caught Up / Still Caught Up 11 septembre 2000
  3. Pochette It's Over !?
    It's Over !? 1995
  4. Pochette Rock 'N' Soul
    Rock 'N' Soul 25 octobre 1994
  5. Pochette Young Man, Older Woman
    Young Man, Older Woman 1991
  6. Pochette Back to the Shit
    Back to the Shit 1989
  7. Pochette The Tide Is Turning
    The Tide Is Turning 1988
  8. Pochette An Imitation of Love
    An Imitation of Love 1986
  9. Pochette E.S.P. (Extra Sexual Persuasion)
    E.S.P. (Extra Sexual Persuasion) 1983
  10. Pochette Hard Times
    Hard Times 1982
  11. Pochette Just a Lil' Bit Country
    Just a Lil' Bit Country 1981
  12. Pochette I Had to Say It
    I Had to Say It 1980
  13. Pochette For Men Only
    For Men Only 1980
  14. Pochette Royal Rappin's
    Royal Rappin's 1979
  15. Pochette A Moment's Pleasure
    A Moment's Pleasure 1979
  16. Pochette Get It Out'cha System
    Get It Out'cha System 1978
  17. Pochette Feelin' Bitchy
    Feelin' Bitchy 1977
  18. Pochette Lovingly Yours
    Lovingly Yours 1976
  19. Pochette Free and in Love
    Free and in Love 1976
  20. Pochette Still Caught Up
    Still Caught Up 1975
  21. Pochette I Got to Try It One Time
    I Got to Try It One Time 1974
  22. Pochette Caught Up
    Caught Up 1974
  23. Pochette It Hurts So Good
    It Hurts So Good 1973
  24. Pochette Millie Jackson
    Millie Jackson 1972