miaou n°105 Japon
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  1. Small Dream (Sun Glitters Remix)
  2. Own Your Colours (Errors Remix)
  3. Cycle (Brassica Remix)
  4. Up And The Sky (Not Squares Condo Mix)
  5. Keep Drifting My Heart (Kyoka Remix)
  6. Notnotnot (Miaou Rework)
  7. Water & Us
  8. We Lost It
  9. You Don't Know Me
  10. Endings (Mergrim Remix)
  11. Flash Through
  12. Lost Souls (Aus Remix)
  13. New Hands
  14. Lost Souls Feat. Radical Face (Aus Remix)
  15. Sleepless Dreams
  16. Kirameki (Below The Sea Remix)
  17. New Hampshire's Coast
  18. Scene Of The Sunrise
  19. Paper On You
  20. Anything Goes

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