Me vs Hero n°1298 Royaume-Uni
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  1. Star Raiders And Space Invaders
  2. We Can Take The Ppg
  3. Upbeat (Down)
  4. Hand Me The Keys To Massey
  5. Can You Count, Suckers?
  6. Days That Shape Our Lives
  7. Cashing Cheques
  8. Draw The Line
  9. She Still Knows
  10. A Loss In The Ranks
  11. What Seems To Be The Officer, Problem?
  12. My Warren Sense Is Tingling
  13. We're Not Going Home (We Dont Care What Time It Is)
  14. I'm Completely Fine
  15. Opposites
  16. Skin And Bones
  17. Rush For Gold
  18. Virtues
  19. Home Alone
  20. Marks Of A Slave

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