matryoshka n°160 Japon
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  1. Monotonous Purgatory
  2. Niedola
  3. Instant Immortal
  4. Anesthetic (Remixed By Aus)
  5. Ezekiel (Remixed By Riow Arai)
  6. Beyond (Remixed By Headphones Remote)
  7. Slowsnow (Remixed By Fort Wayne)
  8. Evening Gleam Between Clouds (Gleamy Loop Version) (Remixed By Mondii)
  9. Sink Into The Sin
  10. My Funeral Rehearsal (Remixed By Goldmund)
  11. February Lifesaver (November Version)
  12. Oblivion 〜 Moshimoss's Cold Basin Mix
  13. Cut All Trees 〜 Memories Of The Tree Rings Mix
  14. Sacred Play Secret Place 〜 Dandelion Dub Mix
  15. Butterflysoup 〜 Like Stars Were Flickering Out
  16. Noctambulist 〜 Cnflct Mix
  17. Gentle Afternoon 〜 Urban Collapse Or Everlasting Version
  18. Tyrant's Miniature Garden (Remixed By Tujiko Noriko)
  19. Gentle Afternoon
  20. Sink Into The Sin (Remixed By World's End Girlfriend)

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