Llorca n°542 France
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  1. Indigo Blues
  2. Any How
  3. My Precious Thing
  4. All We Ever Have
  5. The Novel Sound
  6. Want 2 / Need 2 (Trentemøller Remix)
  7. Maraud Your Ears (Tim Paris 'We Almost Lost Detroit' Remix)
  8. My Precious Thing (Ian Pooley Vocal Edit)
  9. My Precious Thing (Old Skool Edit Version)
  10. My Precious Thing (Rollercone Edit Remix)
  11. Indigo Blues (Faze Action Mix)
  12. Indigo Blues (Alexkid Club Mix)
  13. Indigo Blues (Interform Mix)
  14. Three Minutes Of Pseudo-Jass
  15. Can't Take It (The Band Keeps Playin')
  16. Can't Take It (Original Mix)
  17. 99 And A Half (I Cube Remix)
  18. Take It As A Dub
  19. Can't Fake It
  20. Dive

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