Laura Cantrell n°1959 États-Unis
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  1. All The Same To You
  2. Roll Truck Roll
  3. Big Wheel
  4. Yonder Comes A Freight Train
  5. Not The Tremblin' Kind
  6. No Way There From Here
  7. When It Comes To You
  8. Driving Down Your Street
  9. Beg Or Borrow Days
  10. Glass Armour
  11. Starry Skies
  12. Letter She Sent
  13. All The Girls Are Complicated
  14. Searching For A Soldiers Grave
  15. I Gave My Wedding Dress Away
  16. Amigo's Guitar
  17. Making Believe
  18. It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
  19. Can't Wait
  20. Washday Blues

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