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  1. Pretty Girl Rock
  2. Turnin' Me On
  3. Turnin Me On (Promo Only Clean Edit)
  4. Control Me
  5. Promise In The Dark
  6. Luv Ya
  7. What Channel
  8. Turnin' Me On (Remix)
  9. Wrong When You're Gone
  10. The Way I Are
  11. The Way I Are (Instrumental)
  12. The Way I Are (Timbaland Vs. Nephew)
  13. Get It Girl
  14. Scream
  15. Scream (Instrumental)
  16. Return The Favor (Radio Version)
  17. Turnin Me On (Instrumental)
  18. Happy Juice
  19. Return The Favor (Instrumental)
  20. Knock You Down (Moto Blanco Club Remix)

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