John Stanford n°27 Nouvelle-Zélande
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  1. The Watchers
  2. Out Into The West
  3. The Bear And The Mountain
  4. Rapture
  5. The Chant
  6. Timescapes
  7. Creatures Of The Sky Below
  8. A Moment's Edge
  9. Crystal Skies
  10. The Approaching Light
  11. Forest Choirs
  12. 4 Am. Rainy Big City Blues. Hey Man, You Okay? Want I Should Call You A Cab?
  13. Deep Space
  14. Midnite, Hot Pastrami On Rye, Hold The Pickle
  15. Nobody's On Bleecker And Thompson Anymore
  16. Wrong 'Hood Man, You Sure In The Wrong 'Hood
  17. East Side Jive
  18. Train To Uptown
  19. Dawn, Central Park South
  20. The Edge

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