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  1. Because The Night
  2. Love Is A Soldier (Radio Edit)
  3. Total Eclipse Of The Heart
  4. More Than A Feeling
  5. 1, 2, 3 (Keep The Spirit Alive)
  6. Nightvisions
  7. Numb (Handz Up Club Mix)
  8. Wish You Were Here (Chris Bates Remix)
  9. Wish You Were Here (Franky B. & Docm Jump The Floor Remix)
  10. Wish You Were Here (Handz Up Club Mix)
  11. Time Stood Still (Sebastian Van Sheield Remix Edit)
  12. Time Stood Still (Sun-X-Boyz Remix Edit)
  13. Time Stood Still (Sebastian Van Sheield Remix)
  14. Time Stood Still (Handz Up Edit)
  15. Numb (Alex Gap Treatment)
  16. Time Stood Still (Sun-X-Boyz Remix)
  17. Time Stood Still (Handz Up Club Mix)
  18. Run Away
  19. Here I Am (Send Me An Angel) (Extended Mix)
  20. Here I Am (Send Me An Angel) (Pop Version)

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