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  1. Blight And Conquer
  2. From Hate To Suffering
  3. Hierarchy Of The Fools
  4. Misconception
  5. Resurgence Of The Empire
  6. Soul Addicted
  7. Flames Of Merciless Gods
  8. Slavery In A Deaf Decay
  9. Der Zorn Gottes
  10. Xxi Century Imperial Crusade
  11. Monarch Of Heresy
  12. Frail As The Flesh Of Christ
  13. The Uncorrupted Ones
  14. Theogony
  15. Regicide
  16. The Seas Of Light
  17. The Sun Worship
  18. Redeemer Of Atrocity
  19. Sealed Into Ecstasy
  20. Spears Of Sacred Doom

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