Hiromi’s Sonicbloom n°151 Japon
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  1. Time Difference
  2. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise
  3. I've Got Rhythm
  4. Xyg
  5. Led Boots
  6. My Favorite Things
  7. Ue Wo Muite Aruko
  8. Caravan
  9. Clair De Lune
  10. Intro: Softly As In A Morning Sunrise
  11. Time Out
  12. Time's Up
  13. Time Flies
  14. Time Control, Or Controlled By Time
  15. Time And Space
  16. Real Clock Vs. Body Clock = Jet Lag
  17. Deep Into The Night
  18. Time Travel
  19. Return Of Kung‐Fu World Champion

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