Herman Dune n°367 France
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  1. I'd Rather Walk Than Run
  2. I Wish That I Could See You Soon
  3. Tell Me Something I Don't Know
  4. Song Of Samuel
  5. Not On Top
  6. 1-2-3/Apple Tree
  7. Pure Hearts
  8. Take Him Back To New York City
  9. Your Name/My Game
  10. Baby Bigger
  11. Someone Knows Better Than Me
  12. Vinegar Hill
  13. Gatsbyfied
  14. I Found A New Me
  15. Man On The Road
  16. Say You Love Me Too
  17. Heartbroken & Free
  18. Freak Out Til The Morning Dew
  19. Ballad Of Herman Dune
  20. La Blues

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