Fuzzy Vox n°661 France
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  1. 1789
  2. I Got A Girl
  3. Cold Justice
  4. Eyes On You
  5. I Fell In Love With The World
  6. A Reason To Love
  7. Easy Street
  8. They Shot Charlie
  9. Don't Leave Me Behind
  10. Bo Diddley
  11. Grow Evil
  12. Man Of Solution
  13. Told You Before
  14. Distracted
  15. Explosion Of Love
  16. Crumb Of My Heart
  17. Ruby Heartstealer
  18. Let Me Ride
  19. She's On Her Period (Again)
  20. Vibrator

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Fuzzy Vox

Fuzzy Vox est un groupe de musique. 3 de leurs oeuvres sont en écoute gratuite et illimitée sur Allformusic !