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  1. It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now
  2. Go Down In History
  3. Go Long Dad
  4. This Summer Session
  5. Your Song
  6. Abandon Ship Or Abandon All Hope
  7. Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die
  8. Beatdown In The Key Of Happy
  9. So Hot And You Sweat On It
  10. Stuck In The Middle
  11. We All Float Down Here
  12. Come On Bessie, Slow And Steady
  13. Easier To Wait And See
  14. Baseball Bats And Boogie Men
  15. Live From The Crime Scene
  16. One Time Too Many
  17. Vash: The Stampede
  18. Put You On
  19. Kiss My Sweetie With My Fist/Hell Is For Heroes (Hidden Track)
  20. The Take Over

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