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  1. If I Had A Heart
  2. I'm Not Done
  3. When I Grow Up
  4. Triangle Walks
  5. Idk About You
  6. Keep The Streets Empty For Me
  7. Wanna Sip
  8. Concrete Walls
  9. When I Grow Up (Van Rivers Dark Sails On The Horizon Mix)
  10. Memories From When I Grew Up (Remembered By The Subliminal Kid)
  11. Stranger Than Kindness
  12. I'm Not Done (Still Not Done Mix)
  13. Mustn't Hurry (Tzusing Remix)
  14. Triangle Walks (Tiga's 1-2-3-4 Remix)
  15. Seven (Seth Troxler Remix)
  16. This Country Makes It Hard To Fuck (Björk Remix)
  17. Mustn't Hurry (Lao Remix)
  18. Wanna Sip (Sissel Wincent Remix)
  19. Mustn't Hurry (Dinamarca Remix)
  20. Mustn't Hurry (Tami T Remix)

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