Fei Comodo n°1183 Royaume-Uni
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  1. Break The Ice
  2. No Way Out
  3. A Man Left Behind
  4. Behind Bars
  5. The Rest Will Follow
  6. Bobby Marshall
  7. Regards
  8. Sirens
  9. Go, Go! Emo Rangers
  10. Customer Services Is The New Black
  11. Walk With Me
  12. Go! Fashionxcore
  13. Go, Go! Emo Rangers [Remix]
  14. The Mighty Moshing Emo Rangers Xmas Theme
  15. Go, Go! Emo Rangers (Acoustic)
  16. Rival Tides
  17. Barriers
  18. Interlude
  19. One The Road
  20. This Is What We Live For

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