Fanfarlo n°835 Royaume-Uni
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  1. I'm A Pilot
  2. Finish Line
  3. Talking Backwards
  4. Tuesday (You Come When We Call)
  5. In The Trunk
  6. Deconstruction
  7. A Distance
  8. Fire Escape
  9. Comets
  10. The Walls Are Coming Down
  11. A Minor Place (Wfuv New York)
  12. Finish Line (Itunes Session)
  13. The Grey And Gold
  14. The Beginning And The End
  15. Let's Go Extinct
  16. Comets (Wufv New York)
  17. You Are One Of The Few Outsiders Who Really Understands Us
  18. We Live By The Lake
  19. Shiny Things (Yeasayer Remix)
  20. Harold T. Wilkins (Or How To Wait For A Very Long Time)

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