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  1. Disintegration Anxiety
  2. It's Natural To Be Afraid (The Paper Chase Mix)
  3. The Birth And Death Of The Day (Jesu Mix)
  4. What Do You Go Home To? (Mountains Mix)
  5. Catastrophe And The Cure (Four Tet Mix)
  6. So Long, Lonesome (Eluvium Mix)
  7. Your Hand In Mine
  8. Memorial
  9. The Only Moment We Were Alone
  10. Welcome, Ghosts (Adem Mix)
  11. Have You Passed Through This Night?
  12. Yasmin The Light
  13. Greet Death
  14. Remember Me As A Time Of Day
  15. Glittering Blackness
  16. Magic Hours
  17. Axe
  18. 47 Down
  19. Qrf En Route
  20. False Summit

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