Emalkay n°1121 Royaume-Uni
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  1. Crusader
  2. Transpose
  3. When I Look At You
  4. Fabrication
  5. When I Look At You (Truth Remix)
  6. Tell Me (Rogue Remix)
  7. Bats In The Belfry
  8. Over Flow
  9. Super Duper
  10. Tell Me
  11. Aerosol
  12. For The People
  13. Aerosol (Dub Motion Remix)
  14. Fabrication (Franky Nuts Remix)
  15. Tell Me (Draft Remix)
  16. The World Feat. Lena Cullen
  17. When I Look At You (Conrank Remix)
  18. Bring It Down (Reworked)
  19. Fabrication (Nitepunk Remix)
  20. Angie Got Stoned (My Nu Leng Remix)

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