Echoes of Eternity n°2586 États-Unis
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  1. Towers Of Silence
  2. Voices In A Dream
  3. The Kingdom Within
  4. Burning With Life
  5. Buried Beneath A Thousand Dreams
  6. Towers Of Silence (Demo)
  7. Voices In A Dream (Demo)
  8. A Chance To Say Goodbye
  9. To The Sea
  10. Invocation To Venus
  11. The Magician
  12. Ageless
  13. Smoke And Mirrors
  14. Funeral In The Sky
  15. Letalis Deus
  16. Descent Of A Blackened Soul
  17. Twilight Fires
  18. Expressions Of Flesh
  19. The Scarlet Embrace
  20. Memories Of Blood And Gold

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