Duke Special n°53 Irlande
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  1. Freewheel
  2. Wake Up Scarlett
  3. Regarding The Moonlight In Eastbourne
  4. Catfish Song
  5. Everybody Wants A Little Something
  6. Closer To The Start
  7. Last Night I Nearly Died (But I Woke Up Just In Time)
  8. The Prop Man
  9. Hearth And Home
  10. Jumping Jacks
  11. Mister Nobody
  12. Tango Tangle
  13. You'll Be Detective
  14. Double Or Nothing
  15. Country Weekend
  16. Old Folks And Cow Pokes
  17. Prelude
  18. Scandal
  19. Wanda, Darling Of The Jockey Club
  20. Mother Courage

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