David Benoit

n°1886 États-Unis En tournée
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  1. Linus And Lucy
  2. Some Other Sunset
  3. I Remember Bill Evans
  4. Every Step Of The Way
  5. Kei's Song
  6. Letter To Evan
  7. Cast Your Fate To The Wind
  8. Christmas Time Is Here
  9. Hermosa Skyline
  10. Stages
  11. Freedom At Midnight
  12. If I Could Reach Rainbows
  13. Life Is Like A Samba
  14. Dad's Room
  15. Oceana
  16. Wailea
  17. Wild Kids
  18. You're In Love, Charlie Brown
  19. Something's Gotta Give
  20. Pebble Beach

Discographie de David Benoit

38 albums studios

  1. Pochette A Midnight Rendezvous
    A Midnight Rendezvous18 Février 2022
  2. Pochette It's a David Benoit Christmas!
    It's a David Benoit Christmas!2 Octobre 2020
  3. Pochette David Benoit and Friends
    David Benoit and Friends2019
  4. Pochette So Nice
    So Nice21 Juillet 2017
  5. Pochette The Steinway Sessions
    The Steinway Sessions19 Mai 2017
  6. Pochette 2 in Love
    2 in Love15 Juin 2015
  7. Pochette Conversation
    Conversation29 Mai 2012
  8. Pochette Earthglow
  9. Pochette Jazz for Peanuts
    Jazz for Peanuts28 Octobre 2008
  10. Pochette Heroes
    Heroes27 Mai 2008
  11. Pochette Full Circle
    Full Circle27 Juin 2006
  12. Pochette Standards
  13. Pochette Orchestral Stories
    Orchestral Stories13 Septembre 2005
  14. Pochette 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of David Benoit
    20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of David Benoit29 Mars 2005
  15. Pochette The Benoit/Freeman Project 2
    The Benoit/Freeman Project 222 Juin 2004
  16. Pochette Right Here, Right Now
    Right Here, Right Now14 Octobre 2003
  17. Pochette Fuzzy Logic
    Fuzzy Logic5 Février 2002
  18. Pochette Great Composers of Jazz
    Great Composers of Jazz15 Janvier 2002
  19. Pochette Here's to You, Charlie Brown: 50 Great Years!
    Here's to You, Charlie Brown: 50 Great Years!9 Mai 2000
  20. Pochette Professional Dreamer
    Professional Dreamer1er Juin 1999
  21. Pochette Some Other Sunset
    Some Other Sunset1998
  22. Pochette American Landscape
    American Landscape1997
  23. Pochette Remembering Christmas
    Remembering Christmas24 Septembre 1996
  24. Pochette The Benoit / Freeman Project
    The Benoit / Freeman Project1994
  25. Pochette Shaken Not Stirred
    Shaken Not Stirred1994
  26. Pochette Lost and Found
    Lost and Found1994
  27. Pochette Letter to Evan
    Letter to Evan1992
  28. Pochette Shadows
  29. Pochette Inner Motion
    Inner Motion1990
  30. Pochette Waiting for Spring
    Waiting for Spring1989
  31. Pochette Urban Daydreams
    Urban Daydreams1988
  32. Pochette Every Step of the Way
    Every Step of the Way1988
  33. Pochette Freedom at Midnight
    Freedom at Midnight1987
  34. Pochette This Side Up
    This Side Up1986
  35. Pochette Christmastime
  36. Pochette Heavier Than Yesterday
    Heavier Than Yesterday1977
  37. Pochette Digits
  38. Pochette Soft Sound
    Soft Sound