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  1. Would You Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stone)
  2. The Ride
  3. Tennessee Whiskey
  4. You Never Even Called Me By My Name
  5. Take This Job And Shove It
  6. Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile
  7. Now I Lay Me Down To Cheat
  8. Willie, Waylon And Me
  9. If That Ain't Country
  10. Jody Like A Melody
  11. Longhaired Redneck
  12. She Used To Love Me A Lot
  13. If This Is Just A Game
  14. Cheap Thrills
  15. Truck Driving Man
  16. Six Days On The Road
  17. Would You Be My Lady
  18. Son Of The South
  19. Pledging My Love
  20. White Line Fever

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