Daemonia Nymphe n°12 Grèce
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  1. Message Horn's Enchanting Echo
  2. Tyrvasia
  3. Ida's Dactyls ('Dead Are Dead' Mix By Peekay Tayloh)
  4. Message Horn's Enchanting Echo ('Fluty' Mimetic Mix By Mimetic Fake)
  5. Nymphs Of The (Remix By Basilis)
  6. Hymn To Bacchus ('Hello' Remix By Peekay Tayloh)
  7. Summoning Divine ('Selene' Remix By Nikodemos)
  8. Hypnos (Remix By Beefcake)
  9. Tyrvasia - Nymphs Of The Seagod Nereus (Remix By Von Magnet)
  10. Divined By Trophonios
  11. Seagod Nereus (Remix By Dani Joss)
  12. Summoning Pan
  13. Calling The Twelve Gods
  14. The Bacchic Dance Of The Nymphs
  15. The Bells Of Acheron
  16. The Calling Of Naiades
  17. Hypnos
  18. Psychostasia
  19. Dance Of The Satyrs ('Prayer' Mix By Supermarket)
  20. Macbeth's Triumph

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