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  1. The Boy Is Mine
  2. Almost Doesn't Count
  3. Have You Ever?
  4. I Wanna Be Down (The Human Rhythm Hip Hop Remix)
  5. Top Of The World
  6. Never Say Never
  7. What About Us?
  8. Afrodisiac
  9. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
  10. Angel In Disguise
  11. Learn The Hard Way
  12. U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) (Album Version)
  13. Truthfully
  14. Put That On Everything
  15. In The Car Interlude
  16. Happy
  17. One Voice
  18. Tomorrow
  19. Baby
  20. Best Friend

Discographie de Brandy

32 singles

  1. Pochette Never Say Never
    Never Say Never23 Septembre 2022
  2. Pochette Starting Now
    Starting Now21 Mai 2021
  3. Pochette Baby Mama
    Baby Mama1er Mai 2020
  4. Pochette Freedom Rings
    Freedom Rings27 Septembre 2019
  5. Pochette I Could Be Wrong
    I Could Be Wrong25 Mai 2018
  6. Pochette Beggin & Pleadin
    Beggin & Pleadin21 Janvier 2016
  7. Pochette The Girl Is Mine
    The Girl Is Mine6 Novembre 2015
  8. Pochette Magic
    MagicJanvier 2015
  9. Pochette Full Moon (Allure remix)
    Full Moon (Allure remix)2015
  10. Pochette Wildest Dreams
    Wildest Dreams28 Août 2012
  11. Pochette Put It Down
    Put It Down4 Mai 2012
  12. Pochette It All Belongs to Me
    It All Belongs to Me6 Avril 2012
  13. Pochette Right Here (Departed)
    Right Here (Departed)9 Septembre 2008
  14. Pochette Who Is She 2 U
    Who Is She 2 U19 Octobre 2004
  15. Pochette Afrodisiac
    Afrodisiac24 Septembre 2004
  16. Pochette Talk About Our Love
    Talk About Our Love4 Mai 2004
  17. Pochette Dance With Us (Theme from ''The Wild Thornberrys Movie'')
    Dance With Us (Theme from ''The Wild Thornberrys Movie'')2003
  18. Pochette He Is
    He Is17 Décembre 2002
  19. Pochette Full Moon
    Full Moon21 Mai 2002
  20. Pochette What About Us?
    What About Us?1er Janvier 2002
  21. Pochette Another Day in Paradise
    Another Day in Paradise3 Avril 2001
  22. Pochette Almost Doesn’t Count
    Almost Doesn’t Count1999
  23. Pochette Top of the World
    Top of the World28 Septembre 1998
  24. Pochette The Boy Is Mine
    The Boy Is Mine8 Juin 1998
  25. Pochette Have You Ever?
    Have You Ever?1998
  26. Pochette Missing You
    Missing You6 Août 1996
  27. Pochette Sittin’ Up in My Room
    Sittin’ Up in My Room12 Décembre 1995
  28. Pochette Brokenhearted
  29. Pochette Peak Performance
    Peak Performance1995
  30. Pochette Baby
    Baby24 Décembre 1994
  31. Pochette I Wanna Be Down
    I Wanna Be Down6 Septembre 1994
  32. Pochette Best Friend
    Best Friend1994